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Why Smith & Warren?

Every Smith & Warren badge is built to last a lifetime, and Smith & Warren is the only manufacturer to guarantee your badge with a Full Lifetime Warranty. Every Smith & Warren badge is made right here in the USA. Each badge is manufactured in a highly efficient 27,000 square foot facility located in White Plains, New York. Every Smith & Warren badge is manufactured in 4 weeks. The entire team works together to meet the fast production schedule and deliver a product that is second to none. The Ultimate in "Shine Protection" The hardest, most durable protective clearcoat technology. Guaranteed to never chip, flake, crash or tarnish. Trust Smith & Warren for a badge that truly lasts.

From On-Screen to In Hand with Visual Badge

With VisualBadge you can now design and preview badges, collar insignia, commendation bars and nameplates online!
Browse from the most expansive selection available online to design your new badge - over 900 badge models, and thousands of center seals to choose from. In addition to the largest badge selection, you can now design and preview Custom Collar Insignia, Commendation Bars, Nameplates and tie Bars.

See how Visual Badge makes ordering your next custom badge easier than ever.
Choose from over 900 badge styles Choose your finish, center seal, custom lettering and other options In about 4 to 5 weeks, receive your finished custom badge.
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How Smith & Warren Badges are made

Our trained staff can answer your questions, discuss options and process your order, so your badge fits your needs.
Metal Stamping
Badge blanks are pressed under several hundred tons of pressure to produce the finest details for the best looking badge.
Computerized Engraving
Each badge is individually computer engraved to ensure that all of your badges have a uniform and consistent appearance, and is delivered to your specifications.
High Temperature silver solder is used to securely and permanently affix panels and attachments.
Hard Enamel Application
Colored glass is applied by hand, fired in a 1400 degree oven, and hand sanded to the surface of the surrounding metal for the ultimate in quality and durability.
Using the most advanced technologies, a variety of precious metal alloys are electroplated over the base metal, creating a durable high quality shine.
Finishing Touches
With our attention to detail, and a finish that resists tarnishing, your badge is guaranteed to last a life time.
Final Assembly
Fine craftspeople, quality materials and the latest technologies combine to provide you with a badge and a supplier you can trust.

Custom Design a Center Seal for a One of a Kind Look

Free Custom Center Seals
A custom designed center seal by Smith & Warren is a great way to enhance the design of your badge. Whether you want to highlight a local landmark, showcase your official seal or promote a distinctive logo, our in-house design team can create a truly unique center seal for your badge. Center seal dies are FREE with an initial order of 25+ badges of the same model. Small initial orders are also available.

Leather Cases & Accessories

Leather Cases
Smith & Warren carries a full line of top quality leather badge cases, wallets, belt clip holders and other accessories perfectly suited to hold your badge.
Lucite Embedments
Preserve your Smith & Warren badge in lucite and display it with pride. Call for details.

Nameplates, Tie Bars, and Insignia

The finest jewelry quality deep engraved nameplates and tie bars, available with a mirror finish. With Nameplate Express, your nameplate ships from the factory within 2 business days.
Rank Insignia
From Cadet to Chief, Smith & Warren produces the finest quality insignia, customizable to your uniform, for a professional appearance.
Collar Bars
Create any combination of characters in one of three heights: 3/8'', 1/2'' or 9/16''.
Commendation Bars
Complete your uniform, and recognize exceptional service with our extensive line of commendation bars.

Custom Badge Finishes

Standard Finishes

Deluxe Finishes

The most economical silver tone finish, a hard layer of nickel electroplate provides a high degree of durability without a high price, but may lose some luster with age.
Heavy silver tone electroplated layers combined with our extremely hard ClearShield™ protective coating produce a brilliant finish that will stand the test of time.
A bright and brilliant silver tone finished that will not tarnish; a great combination of shine and durability.
The most durable gold finish, combining heavy plated layers of 24K gold with our extremely hard ClearShield™ coating The result is a gold finish that outshines the competition.
A pure 24K gold electroplated finish applied over a nickel base provides a gold finish that is tarnish-resistant, but may show some wear with time.
Two Tone
The of both worlds, Gol-Ray™ and Sil-Ray™ combine to form a two tone finish that is bright, durable, and consistent.
A unique and durable electroplated charcoal black finish with a slight sheen. A great option for commemorative, or anniversary badges.
Cote D'or™
The ultimate fine gold finish, our thickest layer of 24K gold plate and our ultra durable ClearShield™ coating, provides a presentation quality finish; an excellent choice for awards, gifts and display badges.