Sending Picture and/or signature for Pro ID cards and Folios
Your ID will be completely finished when you receive. Your photo (and signature on select ID's) is required. See below for how to send them.

Picture: How to Send Signature: How to Send
Email - Quickest way Email - Quickest way
  • Attach your picture to an email to with your order number
  • Reply to your order receipt and attach your picture
  • Attach your signature to an email to with your order number
  • Reply to your order receipt and attach your signature
Mail - Slowest way Mail - Slowest way
  • Mail a photo of yourself (include your order number)
  • Mail a passport photo (include your order number)
    We can't guarantee return of mailed photos
  • Mail your signature (include your order number)
    Be sure to include any additional authorizing signatures if you opt for them
Our mailing address:
7050 W Palmetto Park Rd Ste 15 PMB 211
Boca Raton FL 33433
Take a picture How to Sign
  • Take a picture of yourself with a camera or smart phone
  • Use a picture of yourself from your computer or phone
  • Have a passport picture made
  • Use your smart phone to sign
    • Use a stylus or finger and a drawing or memo app on your phone to sign your name
    • Save or screenshot your signature
  • Sign on paper
    • On white un-lined paper, sign your name in black or blue ink
    • To email it, use a scanner/copier to save it to your computer, or use your smart phone or camera to take a picture of it
    • Be sure to take a picture of it in good lighting. Tape it up to a wall if needed, to get rid of shadows that make it too dark
  • Use our Signature form
Acceptable Picture Acceptable Signature
Head and shoulders showing Crisp and clear, black and white
Unacceptable Picture Unacceptable Signature
Too skinny or too tiny Dark and blurry