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Private Investigator PVC ID Card
Private Investigator PVC ID Card
Item #PFP025
This Private Investigator Pro ID Card is a personalized, double sided, full color photo ID card printed on durable 30 mil plastic for the highest level of wear resistance. This ID card is considered a secondary form of identification and should be accompanied by licensing or certification documents as well as a primary form of identification (i.e.: state driver's license, ID card or government issue passport).

  • ID is completed with your personal information and photo
  • Choice of Black or Blue color scheme
  • Choice of Official State Seal or black federal eagle
  • No extra steps are needed to finish the card once received
  • ID Card Size: 3 3/8'' x 2 1/8''
  • Fits in most standard ID and badge wallets
  • ID card is printed on the same quality card as state ID's and driver's licenses
  • ID card cannot be ordered blank or without a photo
Important: You need to send us your photo once you submit your order. To email: send to images@nles.com and include your order ID. To mail: click here for our address.

Note: Incomplete ID orders (i.e. incomplete information, photo or signature unreceived) will be canceled after 10 business days subject to our Cancellation Policy.

Notice: All ID's that will show affiliation or employment with a law enforcement or government agency or corporation will require proper authorization. Please see our Custom Order Acceptance Policy and Cancellation Policy for more details.

Notice:All custom ID products will be produced in accordance with our standard formatting procedures. NIC is not responsible for customer supplied errors and/or misspellings.

Be sure to view the list of state seals here, before you make your selection below.
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NOTE: Please allow 10 business days for ID Production
Manufacturer: NIC
Brand: NIC
Price: $ 19.95

Name (30)?
Company (35)?
Hair Color
Eye Color
Issue Date (MM/DD/YYYY)?
Expiration Date (MM/DD/YYYY)?
License No. (20)?
Choose Seal?
Please select how you will send your photo?
Choose ID Color Scheme



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